MSA Easy

The fastest way to build event-driven microservices

Collective EventStorming

MSA Easy is a tool that supports from building Microservices to operation by providing analysis, design, implementation, and monitoring required. It analyzes and designs domains through event-storming-based collaboration and automatically generates MSA source codes from the designed domain model. In the analysis and design phase, MSA Easy is used to identify the boundaries of the target domain and define the contract.

Model 2 Code 2 Cloud

The designed model is converted to source codes for Microservices according to the Model-driven Design (MDD) pattern. In addition to source codes for Microservices, it automatically generates contract test code, Docker image creation script, and CI/CD pipeline script that can be deployed immediately to the cloud (GCP, AWS, Azure, etc.).

Polyglot & Custom Template

One of the greatest strengths of MSA is the polyglot architecture that can apply the optimal technology for each service. ES2CD is capable of generating code for each microservice identified as a result of event storming, and supports extension to various languages and information engineering Notation through ‘user-defined templates’.